What to expect at our events with Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Palmists, Tarot Readers and Astrologers .

My personal preference is working with groups or an audience, so here are a series of video clips from a night at Gala Bingo, Tooting 8/9/2017. First on is Psychic Medium Chris Forster.

Theresa Pierce is a medium and psychic who works with us.

Michael Wysockyj is a talented mentalist as well as a psychic.

The gothic venue is huge, over 200 seated and it seems empty. Still some guests remain after 2 hours, we felt Theresa Pierce should do some more, so she did.

We also provide individual psychic and clairvoyant readings at venues. Regular readers include Michael Wysockyj, Clemens Brenan, Linda Martin and Theresa Pierce. Chris Forster sometimes does readings too.

Michael Wysockyj, Psychic, Tarot and Rune reader, Mentalist and Musician
Clemens Brenan, Tarot and Numerology, Psychic and Philosopher
Linda Martin, Palmistry and Tarot expert
Theresa Pierce, Tarot Cards and Mediumship
Chris Forster

Depending on the venue and event type there may be between 3 and 12 professional psychic readers of various disciplines.

Anything from zero to 20 different stallholders selling crystals, jewellery, psychic paraphernalia.

At the larger exhibition events therapists, reiki healers and complementary health therapists are present.

None of our exhibitors are under contractual obligation to be at an event. We cannot guarantee which exhibitors will be present.  

Some events have a £3 admission , if you sign up to our email list and bring a printout of the monthly newsletter admission is free.

Individual psychic readings cost £35 for a session of approximately half an hour, perhaps 40 minutes. However at the pub diner settings readings are all £30. Customers pay only after a reading. Should you not like the type of reading, or feel uncomfortable with it, please tell the reader in the first 5 minutes and end your session without obligation.

Credit and Debit cards are usually not accepted. Sorry if that causes inconvenience, but our policy is that clients should take psychic readings seriously, we do not want to see them later regret credit card spending which seemed easy at the time of transaction. We prefer our clients only to spend what they have in their pocket or cheque book.

There is no need to book a reading in advance. Just come and see which Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Palmist, Astrologer or Tarot Reader you are drawn to. Let your own intuition guide you. 

Under no circumstances should a reader approach you to offer a reading. If you choose to have a reading, it is up to you to approach a reader for their services. You have free choice as to whether you have a psychic reading or not, and you choose the reader yourself.

Neither the organiser of the Psychic Fair nor the individual readers can be held responsible for any actions taken by you or other persons mentioned in your reading. Your actions are your own free will, now and in the future.

While all our readers are confident with their individual crafts, we have to state that nothing is “Experimentally proven” and readings are for “Entertainment purposes only” as are any stand up audience demonstrations or performances.