Find Psychics, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Palmists, Tarot Readers and Astrologers at our Psychic Events, Fayres, Nights and Residential Weekends.

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Chris Forster has over 28 years experience in the world of paranormal studies, psychic readings and exhibition organising. He has presented over 2,000 psychic fayres, psychic nights and psychic, crystal and healing fayres.

His connection with the world of psychic, paranormal and spiritualism goes back to a time before his birth through his mother’s and great aunt’s time with the famous Spiritualist Lord Hugh Dowding.

His role is more than an organiser, he ensures that exhibitors meet the high level of standard that he sets. 

Having made numerous appearances on TV, radio and in magazines, he also demonstrates use of the crystal ball, scrying, tarot and clairvoyance. Creationism and prophecy are covered too. Over 750 such presentations have been given.

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The exhibitors, psychic readers, stallholders and therapists, are mostly a team, and been known to us, for many years. All exhibitors are vetted before we allow them to work with us. 

Our psychics really are some of the most experienced in the business. As examples, Marie Hines 35 years, Clemens Brenan  35 years , Michael Wysockyj 30 years,etc.

At our events you will not find so called psychics who bought a pack of tarot cards and explanatory book last week! Nor will you find manufactured celebrity psychics with audience plants, or radio ear pieces so they can hear what to say!

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